Printerface is a Tangible Printer interface designed during the course Tangible and Embodied Interaction. The design changes the workflow of a printer operator. As the printer operator is on different locations, the design is fit for these different locations, resulting in two devices: a carryable and a tangible checklist.

The carryable looks like fan on one side and is a compass on the other. The fan indicates how urgent the most urgent printer-need is, the compass points at the printer with this need. This allows the printer operator to check whether they need to go to the magazine if a need is urgent and to which printer to bring the item from the magazine.

The tangible checklist is located in the magazine and shows the needs of the printer (ink, input medium and output roll) and displays how urgent the need is from different printers (in the picture there are 6 printers). The further the disc is from the slot, the closer it is to falling, making the need more urgent to take care off. When the printer operator leaves the magazine, they can push back the needs, checking whether they have brought everything.