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At the beginning of my second year, I joined a student team: Team CASA. Team CASA is a team that has as mission to accelerate the energy transition in the built environment. It aims to do this by bringing together partners from both the business and the academic world to design a Comfortable, Affordable, Sustainable Alternative (CASA) for social housing in the Netherlands.

My responsibilities in Team CASA started as doing the promotion and communication of the team and its goals. After a year, I became part of the board and my responsibilities became broader, encompassing the external relations and new member and partner acquisition. Furthermore, I helped the building team with planning and organisation and general management tasks.

I have learnt a lot during my time at Team CASA and I think this extracurricular activity has helped me to grow into my identity. As I am responsible for most communication, I had to understand the project very well and understand the different aspects of its sustainability. Furthermore, I had to grow into a professional presenter and networker to help the growth of Team CASA. Finally, being in a student team helped me to understand what it means to be an innovator and entrepreneur.

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