About me

I am Joline Carlijn Frens. I was born in Utrecht, the Netherlands, and study at the Eindhoven University of Technology. Here, I am doing a Bachelor in Industrial Design with a minor Sustainable Innovation. Besides my studies, I am also part of a student team, Team CASA, for two and a half years and board for one and a half years.

As a designer, I design for a desirable sustainable future. I want to do this by empowering others and myself to live a more sustainable lifestyle, but also by helping to accelerate big transitions in our society.


In our current society, many things are changing. People are becoming more aware of global and societal problems through the internet. Moreover, world dynamics are changing and people are empowered to participate to work on these societal problems.

My vision as a designer is to empower this change. Through design, I want to accelerate relevant transitions. I would like to do this by making designs that assist people to create change as well as developing products or services that fit in these transitions.

For me personally, the most important transition is the energy transition. The energy transition is a broad transition as it embodies both the direct energy usage and storage, as well as the energy needed to produce products. To become the change I want to see, I try to live a sustainable lifestyle by only eating plant-based and decoupling from the fast fashion industry. My vision would be to understand the struggles I am facing and use these experiences and struggles I find in this lifestyle to translate them into a design.

KVK: 84714549